Public Prosecutor’s Office

The tasks of the public prosecutor are to lead criminal investigations, decide whether to institute proceedings and to appear in court. It is also the public prosecutor who issues a restraining order. The prosecutor investigates crimes in cooperation with the police. The prosecutor can then have contact with the suspects, victims and witnesses. When the criminal investigation (preliminary investigation) is completed, the prosecutor decides on whether there is sufficient evidence to bring the case to court.

In the case of a minor offence and if the perpetrator acknowledges guilt, the public prosecutor can impose a fine, referred to as an order of summary punishment. A trial is not then held. Otherwise, a prosecution is instituted and the case is taken to court. The prosecutor then has to prove that the suspect has committed the crime by questioning the suspect, witnesses and experts.

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Did you know that...
The Public Prosecutor’s Office has a development centre in Göteborg which works with the development of laws and methodology within the area of domestic violence. It focuses on various types of offence such as violation of integrity, molesting and unlawful threat, sex crimes and female genital mutilation.

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