Police efforts against violence

The police shall, among other things, prevent violence, monitor general order and security, and carry out detective work and crime investigation. The police are obliged (obligated?) to intervene if they gain knowledge of an act of violence.

Men’s violence towards women falls within the category of general prosecution, which means that the police do not need to wait for the woman to report the offence. The police shall provide the victim with support in the form of information and reference to victim support services.

Are you a victim of domestic violence?

Here you will find information on how to report that somebody you have a close relationship with has assaulted or oppressed you in some way. You will also find contact information to organisations that can provide you with support.

Information from the Police in english (PDF)

Here is information on what happens if a person chooses to report an offence.
Read more on what happens

Did you know that...

In Göteborg there is a group of detectives that works only with human trafficking and prostitution. Victims of human trafficking are usually only temporarily at one location since they are continually moved from place to place. Consequently, it is important for the police trafficking unit to receive tips from both the general public and those working in applicable fields who suspect illegal activity.

If you think, you have witnessed human trafficking:
Call the police tips telephone: 031-739 25 02
or e-mail:  

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