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VKV is the Västra Götalandsregion Competence Centre on Intimate Partner Violence. The main purpose of VKV is to improve the ability of health and medical care personnel to identify, receive and take care of people who are subjected to domestic violence.

VKV's target group is the 43,000 health and medical care employees in Västra Götalandsregionen.

This includes all those working within primary care, county healthcare, national dental services and private healthcare centres who in the course of their work meet women, men and children who live with domestic violence.

The principle being that the greater the number of healthcare personnel that can recognise injury caused by violence and know how to provide help, the greater the number of victims that can be helped. 

What does VKV do? 

Training courses

VKV has a basic training assignment aimed at all health and medical care employees. The various training courses and experience in the field gained by the different organisations in the region are taken into account and incorporated in the new courses. All the courses are planned and carried out in cooperation with the respective organisation. VKV provides introductory lectures, basic and niche specific courses as well as customised solutions.

• The introductory lectures focus on the definition, extent and consequences of domestic violence and the mechanisms of violent behaviour – what happens to a person who is subjected to domestic violence? They also take up questions such as why does that person not (immediately) leave the relationship, and how we should approach and make enquiries to persons subjected to violence?
• The training provides basic knowledge of domestic violence, the legislation concerning it and how to approach it. Discussions and exercises are held between lectures.

Would you like to know more about training courses in these areas?
Contact Tove Corneliussen on +46(0)77673486 or write to  

Methodological development and cooperation

VKV has the task of initiating and supporting methodological development and cooperation within or between the various health and medical care organisations in the region. Discussion is underway with them at present.

Research and Development

VKV has the task of initiating and running research projects in connection with clinical activities. This is taking place in cooperation with other parties.

Would you like to know more about VKV’s research and development work?
Contact Viveka Enander on +46(0)70-713 14 44 or write to  

Follow, compile and spread research results

• VKV has the task of forwarding research results within the field to health and medical care employees. The knowledge shall be presented in such a way that it can be used in daily work.

• Knowledge portal. www.valdinararelationer.se is a forum for spreading information, knowledge and research concerning domestic violence.

Knowledge portal

This portal is one of the tools used by VKV to spread information, knowledge and research. It has been started in cooperation with Göteborgsregionens (GR) Dialoga Relationsvåldscentrum and the Västra Götaland County Administrative Board.
Would you like to know more about VKV’s Knowledge portal?

Contact Daniel Cederberg on +46(0)76-776 69 72 or write to  

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