Voluntary organisations

Voluntary organisations within social work are non-profit and do not work with the exercising of public authority. They are also not legally answerable to an authority but rather form their activities of their own accord. The organisations that work primarily with domestic violence are women’s refuges and crime victim services. You can turn to a women’s refuges or crime victim service for advice and support. Many women’s refuges also provide safe houses.
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Find a women’s refuge in your area
There are several women’s and girls’ aid services that offer support and help to women subjected to violence and in some cases to their children also. Find a women’s aid service in your area.
Find a women’s aid service:www.roks.se
Crime victim services
People subjected to domestic violence may be in need of counselling with somebody who has experience of this. Crime victim services can put you in contact with experienced people who provide support on a voluntary basis and who are committed to confidentiality.  
Rfsl’s crime victim service for hbt-persons
Using Rfsl’s crime victim service, you can obtain support and help concerning violence you have been subjected to or violence you have inflicted on others. Help is available for hbt persons: homosexual, bisexual and transsexual persons.
Call 020-34 13 16, or write to   
Rädda Barnen and Bris
Rädda Barnen (Save the Children) and Bris (Children's Rights in Society) are important organisations for bringing attention to children, and especially children under duress. Rädda Barnen runs crisis centres for children in, for example, Göteborg. Bris is a national telephone helpline.
Save the Children website
BRIS website
Män för jämställdhet (Men for equality)
Män för jämställdhet is a national association that works against the oppression of women, and men's violence towards women. There a many local organisations spread throughout the country through which you can contribute to the cause of reducing men's violence towards women.
Did you know that...
There are two national organisations providing women’s aid services in Sweden. Sveriges kvinnojourers riksförbund, Skr, and Riksorganisationen för kvinno- och tjejjourer i Sverige, Roks.

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