Swedish National Courts Administration

The role of the courts of law is to settle judicial issues, their judgement being based on the laws adopted by parliament. They can also provide general information, for example, on how to fill in a summons application and in general terms describe the proceedings of a trial.

The victim of an offence often has the right to a solicitor, referred to as the plaintiff's solicitor, to provide legal and personal support. The prosecutor leading the investigation applies for this at the district court, which then decides on whether to appoint a plaintiff’s solicitor.

In some cases, the suspect also has the right to a public defender. The suspect then has to contact the prosecutor, who takes the issue up with the court.

Did you know that...
Violation of integrity is the name given to the offence of repeated violation of a person with whom the offender has a close relationship. The crime is classified as violation of women’s integrity when the plaintiff is the present or former wife or female partner. This law can, for example, be applied in the case of repeated domestic violence. The purpose of the legislation on violation of integrity is to enable the conviction of cases of systematic violation. Such cases can entail several offences, which when taken separately are of a minor nature.

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