Social services

The social services are ultimately responsible for providing support and help to the children, women and men who live with domestic violence and reside in their municipalities. Every municipality has a social services department. The social emergency service is responsible for taking measures in acute social situations that arise outside office hours.  
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Utväg (Way out) for women, children and men

Utväg offers individual counselling and group counselling for children, women and men. The purpose of Utväg is to motivate change and to provide support and advice in different situations. It is an open service to which individuals can turn of their own accord. There is no charge and the rules of confidentiality apply.

Did you know that...

On 1 July 2007, legislation concerning the responsibility of the social services with respect to women and children subjected to violence who have witnessed violence was strengthened. A result of this is that the social services shall now provide support and help as required to women and children who are subjected to violence and who have witnessed violence.

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